Saturday, September 24 2022

Chick-fil-A has once again been named teen’s favorite fast food chain according to Piper Sandler’s annual report. The ‘Taking Stock with Teens’ survey ranked the Atlanta-based fast-food chain as a Gen Z favorite.

The chicken chain was once again listed as the top choice for teens with a 16% “share of wallet”, according to statistics from Piper Sandler.

Chick-fil-A was followed by Chipotle (14%), Starbucks (13%), McDonald’s (4%) and Dunkin’ (3%).

The average age of a participant in the survey of 7,100 people was 16.2.

Food returned to the top of the wallet priority for high-income teens, with 22% of overall wallet share, up from 21% the previous year.

Despite brands like Chipotle and Wendy’s entering the Metaverse, the Gen Z survey found that 26% of teens own a VR device, but only 5% use it daily and 48% of teens aren’t sure. or don’t care about the metaverse.

“Interestingly, 26% of teens own a VR device, but only 17% use it weekly,” senior research analyst Nicole Miller Regan said in a statement.

However, teenagers are not only interested in food and clothes. The survey found that the most popular social justice issue teens were invested in was the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which involved many restaurants that entered into franchise agreements or closed units in Russia.

“Gen Z is known to be a conscious generation, and teens this spring cited the Russian invasion of Ukraine as their top concern, pushing the environment to No. 2. Gas prices emerged as the concern No. 4, and when combined with inflation, would have been ranked No. 1,” Regan said in the release.

elf, the makeup brand that recently partnered with Dunkin’, has been named teens’ favorite makeup brand. Check out a recent video of the NRN team testing out the makeup.


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