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Popeyes is home to the country’s most infamous chicken sandwich. For many people, Popeyes could be an easy option for an Easter meal. Unfortunately, most Popeyes locations are actually closed on Easter Sunday. This means that some of you may need to rethink your Easter dining options.

You should check your local Popeyes as most are managed individually. By checking with my local franchisee, I found out that they will be closed for Easter. If you find Popeyes closed for Easter, you may need to satisfy your cravings for Louisiana flavors in a different way.

Besides the famous chicken sandwich, Popeyes is also known for its fried chicken which is available in spicy and regular versions. No matter what you desire, both versions of their chicken are excellent.

In fact, Popeyes signature chicken is so good that it might be worth buying it on Saturday and saving it for Sunday. While reheated fried chicken is not the best solution, it may be best not to have chicken at all. Some people even prefer to eat cold fried chicken. We did that a lot when I was young in the south.

Popeyes is closed for Easter, but you can still dream of what you would order

If you prefer to eat your Popeyes meal hot and fresh, you can always dream about it on Easter Sunday. Think of this chicken sandwich with its pickles and your choice of regular or spicy mayo. You can also think of which side you want with. I go for the Cajun fries, but maybe you want the mashed potatoes.

If you can’t satisfy the Easter Sunday cravings for Popeyes, maybe you can hold back thinking about what to order from them on Monday. Could it be a family feast with kidney beans and rice? Maybe the Butterfly Shrimp Tackle Box?

Remember you can also order in advance with the Popeyes app or online. This way your order of crispy chicken fillets will be warm and ready when you arrive. Just make sure you also have chocolate donuts or strawberry and cream pies to finish it off.

For more Easter news and information, including which restaurants will be open or closed on Sundays, check out the rest of our holiday coverage on Guilty Eats.



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