Monday, November 28 2022

A perhaps surprising result in the My Telescope report comes from New York, which was the only state in the United States to make sweetgreen its most searched fast food chain.

According to the brand’s website, sweetgreen was founded in 2007 in Washington DC by two college students looking for quick, nutritious, and slightly more affordable food options. Since then, it has continued to develop a massive following that is willing to resist long lines to get their favorite salad. And there’s a lot of things fans love about sweetgreen’s menu, like its seasonal teriyaki bowls, vegetarian sides and, of course, its endlessly customizable salads. The chain strives to highlight regional and seasonal ingredients, describing its choices of ingredients to serve and where they come from as allowing it to offer “the highest quality ingredients while supporting small farms.” (via sweetgreen).

Eater reports that much of sweetgreen’s success comes from its ability to “[sell] the idea of ​​food,” declaring the New York chain’s new power lunch in a 2019 article. The outlet points to the relatively affordable price of the chain’s famous salads compared to the classic steak and martini lunch, as well as its ability to spread Even though you might not think of “$15 salad” when you hear the phrase “fast food“, for New Yorkers, sweetgreen prevailed as the most searched channel over other heavyweights.


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